First of all, why would there be a need for a fake profile?... Read on

By Warren M. Walker - 01 September 2019

Marketing covers such a variety of mediums such as printed page as in news paper, magazine, flyers, business cards, banners... Read on

By Warren M. Walker - 28 May 2016

I recently read an article about why you don't need a website; if you have a product or service to sell that is... Read on

By Warren M. Walker - 04 October 2015

Do you blindly get in your car (if that's what you drive) and drive the same time and direction every day to work no matter what... Read on

By Warren M. Walker - 29 September 2015

Imagine playing a sport like golf. Building and maintaining a website is much the same. When you first start you don't know how to hold the club... Read on

By Warren M. Walker - 22 September 2015

Just to clarify DIY means 'Do it yourself', this would pertain to your immediate self or close family member. It actually in this instance also refers to... Read on

By Warren M. Walker - 06 September 2015

There are many websites that are a build on the principal of a single page website, with all aspects on it. This is not the type of website being discussing... Read on

By Warren M. Walker - 30 August 2015

For most of our clients, when asked about the design or look of their proposed new website, most times their answer is another already built website online ... Read on

By Warren M. Walker - 15 August 2015

A favicon (short for "favourites icon"), also known as a page icon or an urlicon, is the icon (small image) associated with a particular website or web-page ... Read on

By Warren M. Walker - 09 August 2015

Getting our name known, Promoting a product or service, Easy for someone to find our shop, contact details or request form would be just some of the answers people will give ... Read on

By Warren M. Walker - 01 August 2015

In fact we are all bloggers each time we speak, just that its verbal and not written down. By writing it down, formulating articles it lets other in on the conversation ... Read on

By Warren M. Walker - 26 July 2015

YouTube is one of the websites I enjoy using the most. I enjoy watching movie clips of walkthroughs and trailers of new movies and games... Read on

By Lucas FAB Walker - 17 July 2015

Wouldn't we all like to be trend setters. In no matter what field you in, designing clothes, chairs or websites being at the forefront of a trend is great ... Read on

By Warren M. Walker - 10 July 2015

First off, what is SEO and how does it affect your website and the traffic to it? Well according to Wikipedia "Search engine optimization" (SEO) is the ... Read on

By Warren M. Walker - 05 July 2015

To all accounts there is only four option. Before, during, after or never? ... Read on

By Warren M. Walker - 03 July 2015

Some may be of the opinion that a seller and a shopper or shopper have the same WANTs and NEEDs. It's my experience that while they may in a small ... Read on

By Warren M. Walker - 28 June 2015

The development of the site is broken down in to several needs and requirements which ranges from a great design to sales of a product or service ... Read on

By Warren M. Walker - 20 June 2015
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