Why you don't need a website

I recently read an article about why you don't need a website; if you have a product or service to sell that is.

It starts by listing the reasons they could find for reasons you wouldn't want to be found, if that makes common sense. Reasons like you a spy organisation or you already have all the customers and money you need and can handle. I came up with a few more reasons why you would not need a public website. You sell drugs or weapons or membership to aliens. I am sure you can come up with a few more yourself. I know these reasons are ridiculous and that's the point.

There are so many different reasons to have a website, and we not even talking about wanting, it's a physical need. Websites are there to serve as a promotion, an advert, a image gallery, a video add, a client registration, a lead creator, the customer support and help desk, complaints and compliance, and most of all - a website is there for your customer or client. Without them you have nothing.

If the saying 'the customer is always right' is true then you need a website. For the customer to be right it means they have found you, used or is intending on using your product. While your car might automatically know where to go in the morning the customers might not, and some directions would come in handy. And if they anything like me I will sooner Google the pace than call them.

Do you know how annoying it is to have to call a place to find out if they sell a product or do a service, when at a click of a button it could be known? Don't be annoying and make life easier for your customers.

The article goes on to say that times have changed, the printed directory and listing is so out-dated that we don't even have one in our house. If it can't be found online it simply doesn't exist.

Even if technology isn't your thing, a website needs to be gotten. There are those 'like our agency' that are and want to help you. Websites are cheaper than you think and truly affordable to all. Don't be fooled into payments tens of thousands for a simple site. Make sure you get what you pay for.

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By Warren M. Walker - 04 October 2015

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