When do you SEO a website?

To all accounts there is only four option. Before, during, after or never? Any guesses which one if incorrect. When the decision is made to bake a cake usually you already know what the cake will be when you start. The same concept applies to doing search engine optimization.

There are relative factors that must be considered while the designing takes place and then the developing it's self. While in design mode the Favicon (along with all platform icons ie the different mobile versions) and the image 'alt' or 'title' captions can be laid out. While the Favicon is generally the brand or websites logo, just in different formats the image 'alt' and 'title' isn't. Use descriptive captions explaining what the image predicts. Short and to the point works best. Never 'image01.jpg' must be seem. Rather 'The blue skies of the seas', if that's what the image shows.

Another SEO in planning stage is the META tags. The key words and page descriptions all need to be decided, and scripted while writing the information of the page. It can't be an after thought. Its a deliberate action of the text on the page.

Adding Google analysis to the page would be during the developing stage. The developing stage also serves as the place to action the planning stages SEO's. This is also when you do your other SEO functions, ending when the website is complete.

Using an SEO tool you can run you website through it to find out if anything needs to be corrected, added or changed. There are many websites that offer such online tools. I prefer SEO Diesel. Ones you completely happy with everything can you finally do the last of the SEO.

Submit the website to the search engines ie Google and Bing, as they the most prominent. They will supply the authentication codes which you process into your newly created site. The robots.txt and sitemap.xml will be created to support all the folders and files you have created. If you still in the opinion that a RSS file is required then this is when it is done.

That's about it. There are many more facets to making a website SEO compliant, which we will discuss at a later date. With the way Social Media is growing and changing, and mobile app being created and logged, soon SEO will be taking on a new face, growing to something even bigger than before.

The most important part of SEO of a website isn't just knowing where code goes or creating an icon. Its understanding the principal behind what makes the internet tick, understanding how Google and the social media have changed and still will. 5 years ago sharing content off a website wasn't extremely common, now its essential.

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By Warren M. Walker - 03 July 2015

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