What do you look for in a website? - As A Shopper (Part 2)

Some may be of the opinion that a seller and a shopper or shopper have the same WANTs and NEEDs. It's my experience that while they may in a small way, on a whole it's completely different.

What is the prime motive for browsing the internet?

There are several main reason why people spend hours on the internet surfing for that one site of interest. Let break them down into for now into three categories namely 1. looking for something specific; 2. have time to waste so they casually browse whatever comes along; 3. social media.

Let's look at each of these motives a little closer.

The subject of looking for something specific is very broad. If you going on holiday you most likely will NEED accommodation and searching for it has become a norm. One might Google search a hotel or B&B (bed and breakfast), for transport, maps etc. If you going on a date you might WANT to look up a seafood restaurant in a particular area, see what's on the menu, how much cost will be, what time do they open and close, how do I get there and maybe is there a dress code, maybe even get a contact number in case you get lost and or NEED to make a reservation. If you a DIY kind of person and WANT to Google search for a YouTube video clip on how to fix your car, who might have the parts, what all do I NEED to have to do the job, and is there a special way I NEED to remove and fit the new part. Maybe you going for an interview, you might WANT to do some research on the person interviewing you, the proposed company you wish to work for, how much is their turnover, what are their services or products, are they listed on the stock exchange.

There are many many reasons for a shopper to look on the internet; for specific instructions, for specific parts\clothes\weather and so on. No matter if they NEED information or an actual product, the shopper always NEEDs the truth from the sellers.

Those that have time to waste and just jump around from one link to another are the hardest shoppers to please. They have no reason to stay on your website or to believe that you the seller can provide the service or product you are offing. They not interested in hordes of information or flashing adverts, their intent is to just keep bouncing around till something catches their eye. That something can be many things, it all depends on their interests, hobbies, gender and mood of the day. A properly placed header saying 'special' or 'fee' can do the trick.

Most peoples favourite reason for being on the internet is social media. It is reported that some people spend up to five hours a day on social media. With all that exposure to other users lives and interests, to pop up ads ... something has to be stirred up in them, a desire for more, interaction with friends or colleague's, fun times ahead.

While examining the many reasons for 'surfing' the web we have to realise that there is a difference between the NEED and the WANT. They NEED to find information to fix their car, they NEED to get directions to the restaurant ... the WANT to chat to their friends, they WANT to post pictures or tag themselves in, the WANT to tell the world what's on their mind and what they doing or did, even if no one cares or is listening. The NEED shopper is the easiest to please. As long as you have what they NEED you can keep them captivated, even with a mediocre website. The I WANT client might or might not have the money, or needed interest to keep them on your website or coming back for more, and it's up to the web designer and web developer to create a 'stopping block' to keep the WANT and maybe turn it into a NEED, best of all to share it on the social media for others to visit as well.

There is little trust in the internet and the hordes of information it carries. I have my own opinion and so do you and just because I read in on the internet it doesn't miraculously mean it's the truth. I the shopper NEED to feel informed, not lied to. A website that has just one non-truth or miss-direction can loose the shopper because of a complete mistrust and may never return. There are only seconds of viewing to captivate the shopper before they decide to either leave or stay.

So before deciding on a laying of a website ask yourself, why would someone really NEED to visit and stay on my website? Create an answers for all the questions that could be asked. While people tend to enjoy images don't forget to supplement them with clear informative knowledge. Make sure the image is trustworthy and appropriate. If it's your opinion then say so. Don't be a know-it-all unless you really do know it all, then let modesty lead you. Be relaxed in your style of writing. Be interesting and helpful to the shopper.

You NEED to remember, the shopper can't fail on a website, only a seller.

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By Warren M. Walker - 28 June 2015

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