What do you look for in a website? - As A Seller (Part 1)

The development of the site is broken down in to several needs and requirements which ranges from a great design to sales of a product or service, to a practical database which stores client details and take orders. No matter what the requirements are the site has to be user friendly, easy to navigate and interesting enough to captivate the on looker and keep their attention.

How does one achieve this?

When contemplating a website build, write down what you want to offer (either service, advice or product). Compile a detailed list. How many do you have in this list? If it is under 10 then you might want to display them individually, as long as you have enough information and images to fill a page. If the count is into the 20s and up then listing them in similar groups is a better option ie all socks together, you reduce the number of pages required, which reduces the cost of the website, this would also reduces the amount of information required to fill the page, if information is limited. Unless your service or product requires individual pages and you have the money.

Does the website accurately depict yourself or company?

Its easy to order a colourful and energetic design for your website, but when selling coffins it would be in appropriate. Make sure your site is in line with what you selling or promoting, which is not actually an item or service. You selling an idea to the on looker that you can supply what they needs. If you don't build that confidence within a few moments you could have lost that on looker forever.

Is it alive on dead?

Both! Designers will differ greatly on this answer. The true answer is 'what is your requirements?' If you just need a site for someone to login, download a form or two, maybe fill in a contact form then a flat page website is perfect. If you want to attract clients, old and new then consider your website alive. How do you keep it alive? First off it takes time, and lots of it. Its your responsibility as owner of that website and your duty in your company or concern to keep it alive. You will need to be inspiring. Change the website information. An a news letter section, which is updated monthly. Maybe testimonials from happy clients. News about new products and services. Create photo galleries of events etc.

And what is this all going to cost me?

Now that all depends on your website requirements. If you need an e commerce website expect to spend over R100k. If you have limited info and just want a place for your clients to find you and how to contact you then only a few thousand. You need to weigh up needs against budget. No matter what, you need the exposure, even a 5 pager is better than nothing. Above all, make sure you get your monies worth. No one wants to flush their money down the drain.

If by reading this you realise you need to get yourself, what you offer on the web, or revamp the old dusty site. For a new site see our packages.

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By Warren M. Walker - 20 June 2015

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