What All Makes Up A Website?

Bare basics:

There are many websites that are a build on the principal of a single page website, with all aspects on it. This is not the type of website being discussing today.

The main landing page, otherwise known as the index or home page is the most important of any website. This page will introduce yourself and your brand to the shopper. It directs them to view your products or services. It can also show your contact details and send the shopper to the contact form. If you to have only one page this is it. In general this type a website is not well accepted. People like to find each aspect of the site on its own page.

Discuss each page required:

Index or Home page
- This is the default landing page for any website. It is meant to welcome the shopper and give a brief explanation about the website. Showing where to find the products and services. Now-a-days it also displays the social media feeds.

About Us page
- This is the page that goes into greater depth with regards to the company or institution. It can be used to introduce the key players "Meat the Team", give the companies motto and maybe even code of conduct. Yet these can also be found on their own pages.

Contact Us page
- In general this page will list all the contact details, for each branch and maybe each manager and director. The trend is to also place a Google map on it as well to give directions to the shopper. The contact form can also be included or placed on its own page.

Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer pages
- These pages are used to explain the companies policies when it comes to each topic, the legal side to the website.

Brand, Product, Services page
- These pages explain in details, by means of lists or images what is on offer and sold by the company. The amount of pages depend on the amount of products or services available.

Sitemap page
- This is the page that helps the shopper to quickly find what they looking for, just in case they get lost. It's an indexing of sorts.

Webmaster page
- This is the advertising page for the designer and developer. Not all websites dedicate an entire page, some just give a link at the bottom of each page. We do the entire page thing.

Other page
- Depending on each brand and website design, any and all other requirements are and can be placed on it's own page.

Website size:

While many opt for smaller websites (less pages) to save on the costs, not all brands will allow it. Don't try and squash everything into a few pages just to cut the costs. It makes you look cheap, and would you entrust someone cheap to work on you or your brand, a brand you spend hours, days, months or even years to grow. Develop what is needed, what is best for the business, not best for you pocket.

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By Warren M. Walker - 15 August 2015

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