The Internet from the Eyes of a Young Man

What is of interest for us?

YouTube is one of the websites I enjoy using the most. I enjoy watching movie clips of walkthroughs and trailers of new movies and games.

Visiting the library is so old fashioned, so researching school projects or to find out information on a whole lot of topics, is best done online.

The internet is a great way of wasting time, especially when you bored as hell, which us young people seem to be more and more.

I use the internet to catch up with some things and keep up to date with others.

How often do I want to surf?

I am constantly surfing the internet for new games, programs and apps. I am fortunate enough to be able to use my tablet to do this.

I often use cheatmasters, fooduniverse, Facebook, YouTube and various other sites, to mention but a few.

What do we look for in a website?

Things I find interesting would really depend on what my day was like. If it's been a good day then bright colours is perfect, but if not then bright might help. Seems like bright is the way.

As a 17 year old I don't always have money to buy lots of data, so websites should be simple and to the point. I don't have time or data to waste while waiting for a page to load.

Even with the use of wifi I still don't have the patience.

What 3 things must a website have?

A share button is crucial on websites. When I find something on interest I always want the option and ability to share with my friends.

Nobody likes to look at a boring blank page. Don't design websites with lots of everything. It's also a good idea to ensure the website is looking and feeling attractive.

Get to the point! If you offering something free then do it already. Making me read for half an hour just to find one thing is disappointing and infuriating.

Animations are fun and cute but chew up my data, therefore keeping the animations down to a bare minimum, maybe only one or two per page.

Do we mind advertising widgets?

I hate adverts!!! I have came to your website to look at something specific. If feel I am being attacked with other products or services, products and services I neither want nor can afford, I will just leave.

However if I'm game searching and the advert is about a new version of that same game, then in most cases, since it's linked to my original search the advert would then be acceptable.

What would make me not go back to a website?

If the page goes on and on and is boring, I would delete the address from my brain. If there is a subscription fee, or even enter my email address, I hate spam just as much, I would delete the address from my brain. If the page doesn't get updated, I would delete the address from my brain. There are millions of websites with billions of things of interest, my brain would simply move on to the next.

After everything said and done, if your website is aiming at my age then you have lots of work to do. Keep it alive but quick. Keep it informative but not laborious. Keep it to the point and not time consuming.

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By Lucas FAB Walker - 17 July 2015

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