Is a Website ever Completed?

Imagine playing a sport like golf. Building and maintaining a website is much the same. When you first start you don't know how to hold the club, how to stand let alone hot to get the ball off the ground in a straight line.

A website is the same. You assume that your client is looking for something because that is the something you offer. You assume your client will enjoy the colour scheme you have selected or the images shown. You assume you can get this new website off the ground and in the direction you want.

Just like with golf it never goes in the right direction without lots of practise and trial runs. Lucky for you by using a designer and developer that take most of the stress off you and your ball.

How to hit the ball straight

Your professional developer know about the slicing and dicing of the website and is capeable to design a sellable product, which in turn sells your product. You can now say your website handicap is now a 18. Everyone knows you want to attain that scratch handicap, which is less that 1. ( You can Google handicap and golf if you need more descriptive insights)

The more time you spend playing golf the better you become. The fore attention you give to your website the better it becomes. Changing it up a bit, especially the photos and details will go a long way to attractive the correct viewer.

You spend many hours developing the perfect product in your website, that handicap keep coming closer to 1. Lets say you perfect it, and you have the perfect combination between colours and format, between images and text, the perfect ratio that terns every visitor to a sale, is your website finally finished.

Time heals

You know how when you loose someone you are told that time heals, well this is also true to websites - just not in a good way. What about times makes us heal. We start to forget! The hurt turns to memories. That the way of your website as well, it becomes a memory.

The moment you stop playing golf you stop learning. The moment you stop paying attention to the needs of the visitors of your website the website stops growing. Within a short period of time attention with be lost and so will your viewer. Time will have healed them.

If you want to always keep your website relevant and up to date you have to keep paying attention to it. Take for instance an article you read 10 years ago, its out dated and old fashioned. The internet is much faster. It can take weeks or months and not years to be out dated or old fashioned.

Keep your hand on it and keep it going in the right direction.

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By Warren M. Walker - 22 September 2015

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