Is a DIY Website the Answer?

Just to clarify DIY means 'Do it yourself', this would pertain to your immediate self or close family member. It actually in this instance also refers to someone you know what thinks they have website knowledge, yet to be actually proven.

Why would you go DIY?

With all the free templates out there, available for download. This also includes Muse, Joomla and Wordpress (just to mention a few). While there is nothing wrong with a website build in one of these media's it's still speciality that is required. I have heard many people say they will try it themselves. Even if by some luck they get something that resembles a usable website it is still completely incomplete.

Simply the lack of knowledge won't allow a good product to be build from bad tools. How many DIY people know about #colours and RGB colours, about alt and titles, about headers and footers, about responsive menu's, about descriptions and key words, about designs and products, and about the market. The internet market is different from what you or I may think. Trends change all the time and only those spending not buckets or mugs of time, but barrels of time in that sea of the web; and not as a on looker, as a developer.

Yes you can make a simple looking page with a picture or two on it. Maybe even a link to your social media. Don't forget your contact details and a simple map. Place a value on your company or brand. Now place a value on your website. Would you want a DIY valued website to represent the value you put on your company or brand?

What don't you know?

Besides all the crucial knowledge you need to build a productive website such as 'white space' etc there is many other critical processes that need to be accomplished and completed before your website is even available for publication.

A complete SEO (search engine optimization) needs to be build into your website, and that is don't from the first character typed. You then have Google to deal with. Descriptions and key words are just as important. Hours of research has to go into finding the correct way to advertise your website. And no that is not the way you think it needs to be but the way Google and the other search engines think.

Now you come to loading speeds, compression or images and resources, favicons across all platforms, indexing, sitemaps, rss feeds. The list goes on and on.

Sum it up

You specialise in your business and designers and developers specialise in theirs. Would you pull your own teeth because its cheaper than going to a dentist? Neither would I!

There are reasons for different people being attracted to different paths. Some are analytical while others are technical, some work with their hands and others their mouths. Designers and developers work with their fingers and acute knowledge to the ever changing web.

Someone may say its better to be out their with something than with nothing at all, and that even bad advertising is still advertising. The answer is that you only have seconds to attract your client to you and build trust. Would you just in seconds fall in love with a person that looks like they been run over by a train? How do you expect someone else to do the same with your website?

Stay off the tracks and out of the trains way, let the experienced professional navigate your website to its true potential the right way.

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By Warren M. Walker - 06 September 2015

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