Importance Of Being A Blogger

What is a blogger?

In fact we are all bloggers each time we speak, just that its verbal and not written down. By writing it down, formulating articles it lets other in on the conversation, lets then talk about it, lets their knowledge grow, and lets them share it with others.

Why are articles important for your website?

Could you imagine switching the TV on and there is always the same show playing, day after day. How long would you keep switching the TV on? Before long you will be just hiring movies and skipping the usual TV show. You website is the same. If the shopping comes back several times and find everything the same, they would stop visiting, you would loose a potential client.

By generating a blog or writing and article you generate an interest and give reason for return visitors. Because of this Google gives more attention to a website that is updated frequently, which a blog does. You give reason for return visitors and might even became known at the guy or gal to follow, for the needed information that your articles bring.

Shoppers are well known for not waiting time on things they not interested in. By generating a commentary you could enlist an interest on your website, which in tern enables readers to spend more time on your website. This extra time helps you build a relationship with your potential client and build trust.

When it comes to the brand of your company and the products and services you offer, by spending more time it helps build the needed awareness to grow your bottom line.

How do you get started?

As with anything there has to be a start, and with blogging its about what you know. Select a topic you are knowledgeable or familiar with. Ensure its in line with your brand or service. Shoppers visit your site to learn about cars and having a blog about squirrels would be way off topic and waste your shoppers time.

Even if you a high paid professional, lets say law. An article about how to drive your car so as not to be prosecuted would be informative and create and interest in you and your services, not detract from the fact you get paid for your services and knowledge. General knowledge is free - offer freely.

Remember to that you don't know who will be reading your articles so keep it readable, informative and user friendly. If you offer a direct service in answer to the topic you discussing hyper-link it. That way if your reader needs assistants for your exact article they know where to get it.

How do you improve your blog?

Sometimes less is more and seeing is believing. Showing photos or diagrams to highlight a point in the article will drive it home. Quotes and percentage facts are also a great way to interest the reader. Also a great aid would always be a video or two.

Is there an advantage to getting a professional blogger?

Its a yes and a no! You have the knowledge yet they know how to write and the formulation of words into sentences is what makes for a good blog. YOU need to build a trust with words, and the audience needs to believe in you and your message. If there are spelling mistakes or grammatical errors it can detract from that. It all depends on what your topic is and who your reader is. If you writing about 1st century France and its relation on modern day English, there had better be no mistakes. But them again it might be over a simple bloggers head LoL.

Its all up to you how professional you want your blog to be. If you want to keep it light and friendly them most likely you can do it yourself. Just get someone to proof it first before publishing. Don't attempt to write in German if you can't speak the language, don't think Google Translate will do the trick. A professional would definitely be required.


Just like Rome your blog can't be built within a day. It takes time to settle in and attract an audience. If you get inspiration and a quick desire to blog, first write down the title, the key points and the message you want to convey. Spend some time developing the idea before just writing and publishing.

Do your research, see what other have to say about the same topic. Be accurate and not opinionated, yet if something is just your opinion then say so ... well that how I feel.

You can also offer the service to your readers to email them when you publish a new article. A newsletter could pave the way and tantalise them before they get to read your words. Most of all make it easy for your readers to share with their friends the articles. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Sumbleupon and LinkedIn are free resources to get your word out.

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By Warren M. Walker - 26 July 2015

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