Importance Of A Website

First we need to address a few question before delving into why a website is important

  • What do you want to accomplish by having a website?
  • Who is your intended target or gap in the market?
  • How do your clients view your brand, product and service?
  • What is the real intended purpose of a website?

What do you want to accomplish by having a website?

Getting our name known, Promoting a product or service, Easy for someone to find our shop, contact details or request form would be just some of the answers people will give. The truth is that they are all correct, yet all fall under the same banner as 'Marketing'. You have a brand, product or service that you are selling and the only way you going to accomplish this is for people to be able to find them.

More than ever are shoppers first Googling a product to find the best quality and to make sure it fits their budget. If your product isn't available online it might be overlooked. Yes you might say there is word of mouth or they can just walk in my shop which are both valid. If you get 100 shoppers walking into your shop per day, and they each tell 3 people you have 400 prospective buyers. If your product is online and shared on social media you have millions of prospective buyers. Which makes more sense to you?

Who is your intended target or gap in the market?

Is you have a service like plumbing or mechanic then pretty much anyone with a toilet or car is a prospective client. The reality is that there are thousands of professionals already doing there services. How are you going to get their clients to come to you and not them?

Most people will shop for brands or services close to home or work. Who wants to travel for an hour is there is someone around the corner that can do it? That depends on the quality of your service and the type of promotions you offer. If the guy around the corner hasn't got a website, or just a basic one his kid made over your professional responsive full imaged quarantined website, most shoppers will assume because you put in more thought and effort on your website, you will do the same for their property.

How do your clients view your brand, product and service?

Every owner or manager has a perception of their own brand or company. I offer a quality service! is what everyone says. But in realist you can't affect your clients word-of-mouth once they left your shop. If the experience was good they might tell someone, if asked. If the experience was bad then they will tell all, in person and on the social media's.

Do you really want your name knows through other people concept of you? Or though your own concept of yourself? One of the only ways to affect someone perception is to show them, if not in person, by means of a display - your website is your display. Images of the products, of the staff, of happy customers, of charities you support can all be displayed on your website, and they will all affect the perception of your brand or service. You also in writing can give guaranties for quality of product, for speedy delivery and quick response to service calls.

Having a website developed for you is almost a do over. Its a way for you to take stock and improve where needed. An opportunity to re-brand is needed.

What is the real intended purpose of a website?

While showing your brand, product and service is paramount for your business and directly affects your sales, and ultimately your bottom line a website actually has to accomplish something more.

What else is there? TRUST A website HAS to build a relationship of trust between the proposed shopper and yourself. Without that trust you loose potential clients quickly. A website has to show the real human side of your business, touch the hearts of the shopper, motivating them to trust that what you offering will and can be accomplished in the best way possible. Are you going to hire a layers that's website looks like it it's self is in jail? Neither would I! I want someone that looks like freedom.

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By Warren M. Walker - 26 July 2015

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